Are you tired of your Daily Old-School Hairstyles?

Using those plastic hair clips, old-fashioned hair nets, hair-breaking rubber bands, elastic scrunchies, clip-on headbands, and stretched-out hair headbands? Well, now you can use Hare Do! Hare Do is a revolutionary new hair accessory that combines the best of all hairstyling tools into one versatile, stylish and gentle option for all hair types. With Hare Do, you'll never have to endure a bad hair day again. Say goodbye to hair breakage, headaches and frustration and say hello to beautiful, effortless hair every day with Hare Do!

Watch an Instructional Video on how to make a bun, ponytail, french braid, french twist, headband with just ONE Hare Do accessory for only $8.00.

Ponytail Bun
Bun & Release
(Messy) Bun
French Twist
French Braid
Fishtail Braid
Hat Band
Ponytail Spiral
Headband Ponytail
Half Gibson Girl
Bow Tie
Three Strand Braid
Ponytail Bun & Release

With two, you can make a double bun, ponytail bun or the gibson girl AND, a second color doubles your choices for the sixteen created with a single Hare Do.

Double Bun
Gibson Girl
Double Bun & Ponytail

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Even better, our THREE or more price of $6.66 EACH allows you the color variety needed to compliment your wardrobe at an affordable price.

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