Hare Do,"The Art of Rolling Hair"

Tired of wearing the same hair style daily? Get rid of those plastic hair clips, old-fashioned hair nets, hair-breaking rubber bands, elastic scrunchies, clip-on hair bows and stretched-out headbands.

Watch an Instructional Video on how to make a bun, ponytail, french braid, french twist, headband with just one Hare Do accessory for only $8.00.

Ponytail Bun
Bun & Release
(Messy) Bun
French Twist
French Braid
Fishtail Braid
Hat Band
Ponytail Spiral
Headband Ponytail
Half Gibson Girl
Bow Tie
Three Strand Braid
Ponytail Bun & Release

With two, you can make a double bun, ponytail bun or the gibson girl AND, a second color doubles your choices for the sixteen created with a single Hare Do.

Double Bun
Gibson Girl
Double Bun & Ponytail

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Even better, our THREE or more price of $6.66 EACH allows you the color variety needed to compliment your wardrobe at an affordable price.

Hare Do offers a variety of solid and print fabrics. You can choose from a selection of colors in Broadcloth, Satin, Camouflage, Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter, Denim, Novelty, Military, Western and Glitter.

New hair styles are as easy to do as 1-2-3. Just follow the step by step instructions provided in the full color two-page Glamour Guide included absolutely free!

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